Every day English(2005-10-24–2005-10-28)


    Telephone conversation:  

    1) hold the line/请稍候  Pls hold the line and I'll call her.

    2) put sb. through/转接  I will put you through.

    3) be engaged/占线  The line is engaged/busy.

    4) extension/分机  May I have ext.1000?

    5) on behalf of/代表 I'm calling on behalf of President Lincoln.

    1) be in conference/在开会  What a pity, and he is in conference.

    2) confidential/机密的 confidential docu.

    3) Do you have any idea that/of.... 你对。。。有什么看法

    4) available/somebody is available/有空的

    5)When could I reach him?/我什么时候打电话能找到他?

    1) on business/出差 I'm afraid he is away on business at present.

    2) transfer sb. to = connect sb. with = put sb. through 接转(分机) I will transfer you to the manager.

    3) area code/区号

    4) There is no one here by that name/这儿没有叫这个名字的人

    5) mis-routed/拨错了 I have been misrouted, sorry./I dialed the wrong number.

    1) How's the weather tomorrow? /明天天气怎样?

    2)What is it like outside today? 今天室外的天气怎么样?

       It looks like rain./看来要下雨。

    3)What does the weather forecast say?/天气预报怎么说?

    4)It's breezy, and pleasant today./今天凉风习习,天气宜人。

    5)It will be from overcast to cloudy today./ 今天阴转多云。

    clear/晴天  overcast/阴天  breezy/微风  cloudy/多云


    1) The temperature has climbed to 35 degree centigrade./气温上升到35摄氏度了。

    2) The temperature has dropped a lot today./今天气温下降很多。

    3) What's the temperature today? /今天的气温怎么样?

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