Every day English(2005-11-17–2005-11-24)



1)What time is convenient for you?(fault)  What time is good for you?(correct)/什么时间你有空?

2)I slept early.(fault)  I went to bed early./我睡得早。


1)go jogging/慢跑(不说"run")

2) take a seat/have a seat/be seated/sit down(sit down用得越来越少)

3)beats me./我被打败了。

1) Is the food still any food?/这食物还能吃吗?

2)Don't burp at the table./不要在人前打嗝。

3)The food makes my mouth water./这食物令我流口水。

4)Let's go to an "All-you-can-eat" buffet./一起去"任你吃到饱"自助餐。

5)Is that your second helping?/这是你的第二轮吗?(吃自助时专用)

This is my 3rd helping.(helping: 一份食物

1) I am confused by the time zone, should I set my clock 1 hour ahead or 1 hour back?

2)I want to take the courtesy car for passangers./我要乘坐免费旅客接送车。

3)He's a vegetarian. No meat for him./他是素食者,别给他肉类。

4)Will they serve refreshments on the plane?/机上会有餐点供应吗?

5)My ears were poping./我的耳朵一直在胀痛。(用于高空反应)


1) I've missed my plane. /我错过了我的班机。

2)Go to the information counter and ask for help./到询问台去请求帮助。

3)I want to change my ticket to the next flight./我要换乘下一个航班。

4)Frisk him./搜身。

5) My friend and I must have missed each other./我和我的朋友走差了(不是"想念"的意思)。

1) Meet me at the parking lot./在停车场接我。

2)Dial the area code first, then the phone number./先拨区号,再拨电话号码。

3)What other alternatives do we have?/我们还有别的选择吗?

4)fresh brewed coffee/新冲的咖啡

5)All of these services are complimentary for our customers./所有这些服务全是免费向客户提供的。

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