Every day English(2005-11-8–2005-11-14)

2005-11-8    出席会议/attending a meeting

    1) I would like you to attend the meeting./我希望你能参加这个会议。
    2)The president wish to see you at the meeting./总裁让你出席这次会议。
    3)I think I can attend./我想我能出席。
    4)I must be present./我一定出席。
    5)I'm terribly sorry, but I can't attend it since I have to be with a client./非常抱歉,我无法参加,因为到时候我得陪一位客户。
    6)Can I let others attend on my behalf?/我让别人代表我出席行吗?

2005-11-9    老外不说:

    1)What's the problem?(fault)/这样问是表达不愉快情绪的具有攻击性的问话。"你有什么意见?""有什么毛病?"
       Can I help you?(correct)
    2) How about your weekend? (fault)/"how about"用来询问对方的偏好,要对方对我们的提议表示同意与否。
       How was your weekend? (correct)/周末过得怎样?
       How is your family? (correct)/你的家人如何?


    1)I'd like to reserve a fight to Los Angeles./我想订张飞往洛杉矶的机票。
    2)I want to book a seat to Paris./我想订张飞往巴黎的机票。
    3)Will you prefer a window, aisle or central seat?/您比较喜欢靠窗,走道还是中间的座位?
    4)Will you pay by cheque or in cash?/您付支票还是现金?
    5)Do you want to fly first or economy class?/您要订头等舱还是经济舱?


    direct flight/直飞航班   later fight/晚班   one-way trip/单程票 



    1)I got a salary increase last month.(fault)/  I got a raise last month.(correct)/我上个月加薪。
    2)I seldom use them.(fault)/   I don't often use them.(correct)/I don't use them very often./我很少用这些。
     Talking about Studies

    1) Let's discuss your educational background./谈谈你的学历。
    2)You can take English Conversation as an optional course./你可以选修英语对话课。
    3)He has no equal in English study./论英语学习他没有对手。
    4)You will have to take a make-up exam in logic./你逻辑学要补考。
    5)Your work is too messy./你的作业太乱。
         Your room is in a mess./你的房间太乱。


    1) May I take your order?/您准备点了吗?
    2)Give me a minute to decide what I want./再给我点时间想想。
    3)For here or to go?/这里用还是外带?
    4)How would you like your burger?/牛肉要几分熟?
    5) Well done/Medium done/Medium/Medium rare/全熟/七分熟/五分熟/三分熟
    6) How many dishes do we want? 我们要点几道菜?

2005-11-14    老外不说:

    1)You are too helpful.(fault)/You are very helpful.(correct)/too 表示"太过于..."


    1)Money talks/有钱能使鬼推磨
    2)Why the long face?/怎么啦?拉着个脸。。
    3)I am not satisfied with the situation./我不满意这个状况。
    4)I am sorry to have kept you waiting./对不起让您久等了。
    5)Dear me! 天哪!

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