fish 2.2.0 (July 12, 2015) 支持 vi 模式

随着 Mac 下终端的使用日益增多,系统默认的 bash 已经满足不了需求了,于是有了更为强劲的 fishzsh,以及它们各自的强心剂 Oh-My-FishOh-My-Zsh. 我的选择是 Fish 和 Oh-My-Fish。

到目前为止,最新的 fish 2.2.0 于 2015 年 7 月 12 日发布,Release notes 如下,其中显著改变有:

  • Abbreviations: the new abbr command allows for interactively-expanded abbreviations, allowing quick access to frequently-used commands (#731).
  • Vi mode: run fish_vi_mode to switch fish into the key bindings and prompt familiar to users of the Vi editor (#65).
  • New inline and interactive pager, which will be familiar to users of zsh (#291).
  • Underlying architectural changes: the fishd universal variable server has been removed as it was a source of many bugs and security problems. Notably, old fish sessions will not be able to communicate universal variable changes with new fish sessions. For best results, restart all running instances of fish.
  • The web-based configuration tool has been redesigned, featuring a prompt theme chooser and other improvements.
  • New German, Brazilian Portuguese, and Chinese translations.

我对第二点比较感兴趣,即增加了 vi 模式,在 fish 下运行 fish_vi_mode 命令,或者在 ~/.config/fish/ 中加上 fish_vi_mode 便自动进入 vi 模式。 阅读全文 >>