Docker Swarm In Action

Before officially entering into Kubernetes, I hope to know something about the earlier Docker Swarm, although it is basically no long used currently. Swarm provides a cluster of Docker hosts. There is at least one Manager (or more) in the cluster, plus 0 or more Workers. The main idea is that a Docker service (container) is executed by the Swarm cluster manager, and it will find the corresponding host in the cluster to execute the container. Both Manager and Worker can to run Docker containers, but only Manager can execute management commands.

The following two pictures shows the difference between running Docker containers on a host and a Swarm cluster host.

Run all containers in one host   => Run container together

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Docker Swarm 集群模式实操

在正式进入 Kubernetes 之前希望能对早先的 Docker Swarm 有所了解,虽然它目前基本上没什么用处。Swarm 提供的是 Docker 宿主机的集群,集群中至少有一个 Manager(或多个), 再加上 0 或多个 Worker。它的大意是有个 Docker 服务(容器)通过 Manager 告诉用所管理的 Swarm 集群来执行,它就会在该集群中找到相应的宿主机来执行。Manager 和 Workder 都可用来运行 Docker 容器,但只有 Manager 才能执行部分管理命令。

下面两张图很好的体现了我们平时在一个宿主机上和 Swarm 集群宿主机上运行 Docker 容器的区别

所有容器自己扛   => 容器大家一起扛

Docker 在 1.12 之后自带了 Swarm 模式。本文实质上对 使用Docker Swarm模式搭建Swarm集群 的一次实际操作与体验。只是自己方便使用了三个 Vagrant 虚拟机进行实践,其中一个 Swarm Manager 节点,两个 worker 节点 阅读全文 >>