Every day English(2005-10-31–2005-11-7)


    Talking about Studies

    1) What's your background? /你是什么学历

    2)You can take English Conversation as an optional course. /你可能选修英语对话课。

    3)Nobody can get him in physics. /物理谁也比不过他。

    4) He has no equal in English study. /论英语学习他没有对手。

    5) Your work is too messy. /你的作业太乱。

    6)You'll have to take a make-up exam in logic./你逻辑学要补考。

    7)She comes top. /她考一第一。

    8)What's your mark in geography?/你地理考了多少分?



    1) That's great. Congratulations! / 太棒了,恭喜你!

    2)Congratulate sb. on sth. /就某事恭喜某人 Congratulate you on your promotion.

    3) You deserve it/this success./这是你应得的。



    1)Thanks a lot. It's great to be finished./多谢。总算结束了。

    2)Thank u.It was quite a surprise./谢谢你,这确实是个惊喜。

    1) What's the trouble? /您哪不舒服?

    2)I'm not feeling well today./今天我感到不舒服。

    3)I feel faint(chilly, feverish, run-down)./我觉得头晕/发冷/发烧/浑身乏力。

    4)I have got a pain in my back./我的背痛。

    5)I have lost all my energy./我已经完全体力衰竭。

    6)She has been overworking./她是劳累过度了。
    7)I'm having eye trouble./我的眼睛有毛病。

    Apologies /道歉

    1)I just don't know what to say/我真不知该说什么好。

    2)I must apologize for my behaviour yesterday./我必须对我昨天的行为道歉。

    3)Pls excuse my careless wors this morning./请原谅我早上说的那些无心的话。

    4)I'm not entirely to blame./这不能全怪我。


    1)Never mind./没关系。

    2) I quite understand./我很理解。

    3)It's OK. That can happen to the best of us./没有关系,谁都可能碰上这样的事情。

    4)There's no reason to apologize for such a trifle thing./没有必要为如此小事道歉。


    1)My English is very poor(fault)./You should say: My English is not so good.

    2) I don't know what your meaning is.(fault)/You should say: I don't know what you mean.


    1) Would you like to go on a picnic with us?/你愿意和我们一起去野餐吗?

    2)You'll come to have dinner with us tomorrow, won't you?/你明天来和我们共进晚餐,好吗?

    3)We should be delighted if you could attend a party this weekend./如果你能来参加周末晚会,我们将很高兴。

    4)Yes,I'd like to very much./是的,我非常愿意。

    5)I'll be glad to come, but I might be a little late./我很乐意,但我可能会来得迟一点。

    6)It's nice of you to invite me./多谢你好意思相邀。

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